NNIN Research Experience for Teachers (RET)


The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) Research Experience for Teachers (RET) is an NSF-sponsored program offered at four sites, one of which is the University of California, Santa Barbara. The NNIN RET program supports approximately 16 teachers per year in a seven-week summer research experience. It is a non-residential program that recruits science teachers (grades 6-12) and community college faculty (who teach science or engineering) local to each site. One week of follow-up support is included which consists of classroom support as well as attending and presenting at the NNIN Nanoscale Science and Engineering Professional Development Workshop. This workshop is held at one of the four NNIN RET sites and focus on area science teachers and community college faculty. At this workshop, RET participants present their nanotechnology-focused classroom lessons and meet fellow NNIN RET participants.

Californa Locations: