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Specialty Particles, an associate company of Innovative Organics, is a processor of sol-gel aluminas that are converted into a variety of fine powders and slurries used in the polishing of glasses, crystals, hard disk media, metals and ceramics. More recently, nano poly alumina and nano ceria particles were developed in response to the demanding applications in semiconductor CMP (chemo-mechanical planarizing/polishing) and display technology.       In addition to the the many powder and slurry products from Specialty Particles, Innovative Organics manufactures a wide range of AmberCut™ alumina, silicon carbide and other abrasive slurries including the Amplex diamond compounds, slurries and suspensions range. 
Examples of products include:

  • Nanoceria Polishing Particles: patent-pending cerium oxide particles intended for polishing applications where ultrafine finishes are desired.
  • Alumina Sub-micron Polishing Particles: calcined aluminum oxide particles (99%+ purity) suspended in aqueous solution, designed for use in electronics and industrial polishing applications.
  • NanoSiC Slurry: aqueous slurry of hexagonal 6H structure SiC crystals in which the fundamental crystal size is 100 - 200 nanometers
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April, 2013

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