KrosFlo® Hollow Fiber TFF Modules & Systems


Spectrum Laboratories’ KrosFlo® Hollow Fiber Filters are a technology for cleaning nanoparticles. The Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) Modules have been proven to efficiently clean liposomes, viral particles, colloids, magnetic particles, and nano tubes. The KrosFlo® Hollow Fiber (TFF) Modules are designed for use with Spectrum’s KrosFlo® Systems.

  • KrosFlo® Research IIi Tangential Flow Filtration System: for processing R&D volumes
  • KrosFlo® LDF-37 SystemKrosFlo® LDF-37 System: for pilot scale volumes

Hollow Fiber Diafiltration (Hollow Fiber Tangential Flow Filtration) is an efficient and rapid alternative to traditional methods of nanoparticle purification such as ultracentrifugation, stirred cell filtration, dialysis or chromatography. These techniques can be labor intensive, which an often lead to inconsistent results.

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April, 2013

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