eFluor® Nanocrystals


"eFluor Nanocrystals are unique fluorophores that differ from conventional dyes since they contain a heavy metal core. It is the core particle that provides these fluorophores with unique spectral characteristics and high performance in a variety of applications, like flow cytometry, IHC and imaging. eFluor Nanocrystals are a type of semiconductor due to their heavy metal core particle. This core particle is composed of either cadmium selenide (CdSe) or indium gallium phosphide (InGaP). The core particle is surrounded in a proprietary coating technology that enables conjugation to various biomolecules, such as antibodies. Nanocrystals are adjustable in size from 2 - 10 nm in diameter (10 - 50 atoms), and it is the size variation that allows each nanocrystal to be tuned to a specific emission wavelength."

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March, 2013

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