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Hydroxyapatite is a form of calcium phosphate that has a large number of applications such as separation and purification of proteins, bone implants, and drug delivery systems. For each application, the use of calcium based materials is optimized by specifying their geometry, dimension, density, pore size, mechanical strength, purity, and chemical phase. The company also manufactures tri-calcium phosphate (TCP), Tetracalcium Phosphate (TTCP), calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, other phases of HAP, and multi-phase mixtures (e.g. HAP-TCP, HAP-drug).

Berkeley Advanced Biomaterials sells calcium phosphate in the form of nanocrystals, powders, granules, and blocks. The crystal particle size range is from 20 to 550 nm. They are sold with the crystals stabilized in a solution of ethanol or in a mixture of water and ammonium hydroxyde.

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March, 2013

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