Applied Raider® GT Electrochemical Deposition (ECD) System


The Raider GT ECD is a metallization system used to deposit conductive metal and metal alloys to create circuit features such as interconnects, transistor contacts and through-silicon vias (TSVs). The Raider GT ECD is specifically designed for fabricating copper interconnect gap fills in memory and logic devices at the 22nm technology node and below. Advanced chips can have more than ten levels of interconnects, thus fabricating these intricate structures is one of the most process-intensive and cost-sensitive portions of chip manufacturing. The new system extends the technology of previous Raider systems by enabling sub-20nm small feature fill.

Electro-chemical deposition (ECD) is a rapid and cost-effective method used to lay down the bulk of the copper wiring in semiconductor device manufacturing. The wiring is used to create the interconnects needed to form the electrical circuits. For the circuit to function properly, it is essential that the metal completely fills the features of this wiring (vias and trenches) without seams or voids, which would jeopardize electrical reliability and functionality. As feature sizes scale down to less than 20nm and their aspect ratios increase (>5:1), it becomes increasingly difficult to achieve the balance of bottom-up fill and sidewall suppression that produces flawless fill. In addition, thinner seed layers, with increased resistance, and higher device densities make it more difficult to achieve uniform deposition across the wafer to achieve high device yields.

Product Released: 
March, 2011
Information Verified: 
March, 2013

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