Applied Producer® Interconnect Dielectric Deposition Systems


The Applied Producer® Black Diamond® 3 deposition system and the Producer® Nanocure™ 3 UV curing system and used together to build low power interconnects in logic devices at the 22nm node and below. Together these systesm create low-k dielectric films that insulate miles of copper wiring that connect a chip's transistors to each other and to the outside world. This technology enables higher speed, more power-efficient smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Creating nano-porous low-k film is a two-step process consisting of PECVD deposition of an organosilicate glass “backbone” and a thermally labile organic phase, followed by an ultraviolet (UV) cure that removes the labile phase—thereby inducing porosity—and restructures and strengthens the remaining silicon-oxide matrix to form the final nano-porous film. The Black Diamond deposition system creates the dielectric film with uniform porosity and the Nanocure system employs a high-intensity UV source to stabilize and densify the Black Diamond 3 film to provide optimum mechanical and optical properties.

The Producer® Onyx™ is a film treatment system released later in the year (November 2010). It is a novel process for treating the low-k film to restore its chemical integrity and enhance its robustness. The Onyx process treats not only the surface of the film but also the bulk film, thus enabling the lowest integrated k, while enhancing key structural properties like modulus and hardness.


Product Released: 
July, 2011
November, 2011
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March, 2013

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