Applied Centura® Tetra™ EUV Advanced Reticle Etch System


The Tetra EUV system is a photomask technology that is capable of etching with nanometer-level accuracy, a previous hurdle in the adoption of EUV lithography (EUVL). EUVL photomasks are fundamentally different than conventional photomasks that selectively transmit 193nm wavelength light to project circuit patterns onto the wafer. At the 13.5nm wavelength used by EUVL, all photomask materials are opaque, so the mask contains complex multi-layer mirrors to reflect circuit patterns onto the wafer instead. The Tetra EUV system is designed to etch new materials and complex layer stacks to meet the stringent pattern accuracy, surface finish and defectivity specifications required to achieve high lithography yields when operating in this reflected mode.

Product Released: 
September, 2011
Information Verified: 
March, 2013

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