Applied Centura® Integrated Gate Stack™ System


The Centura Integrated Gate Stack is an atomic layer deposition (ALD) system that can be used to apply ulta-thin, high-k film for 22nm and below logic chips. As logic chips scale down to the 22nm node and beyond, the heart of the transistor gate structure, its dielectric film stack, is becoming so thin that it must be atomically engineered. To meet this challenge, the Integrated Gate Stack system features Applied's advanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology, which builds ultra-thin, hafnium-based layers less than 2nm in thickness - about one hundred thousandth the width of a human hair - a fraction of a monolayer at a time, with unmatched uniformity across the wafer.

Product Released: 
July, 2011
Information Verified: 
March, 2013

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