Applied AdvantEdge™ Mesa™ Etch Systems


In 2010, Applied Materials's introduced two new silicon etch systems for 32nm (July) and 22nm (November) logic and memory chips.

The Applied Centris AdvantEdge Mesa is Applied’s most advanced silicon etch system, delivering the precision, intelligence, and productivity needed for the successful fabrication of advanced logic and memory (DRAM and DRAM-Flash) chips at 22nm and below. Featuring Applied's industry-leading AdvantEdge Mesa etch chamber technology, the Centris system can create nanoscale circuit features with angstrom-level uniformity on every wafer. This capability is essential to achieving high yields in volume chip manufacturing. The Centura system, introduced earlier in the year, is for 32nm chip production.


Product Released: 
November, 2010
July, 2010
Information Verified: 
March, 2013

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