Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Mitigating Helmet Pad


AgileNanoT and GENTEXr, the manufacturer of the ACHs in the field, propose a revolutionary, breathable helmet pad system to mitigate TBI and dramatically decrease thermal burden.  Our Phase I demonstration will combine four types of protection into a single lightweight, integrated suspension pad system to mitigate both blast shock front and concussive injuries while greatly improving Warfighter comfort and performance.  The first layer of AgileNano-GENTEX system will cradle the head and promote air flow, wick away perspiration and prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria.   Next, the FlowairT concussive protection layer, combines a mechanically strengthened, strain-rate sensitive, density gradient, polyurethane foam reinforced by a tetrahedral lattice truss  textile system, with a low density shear thickening material (LDSTM) to meet the 17 fps/150 G blunt trauma requirement while promoting cooling airflow.  LDSTM has already demonstrated impact attenuation of 61 Gs at 10 ft/sec. in drop tower testing.  The percussive protective, outermost part of the pad system will use AgileNano's AgileZorbT, a revolutionary nanotechnology-based, blast energy absorbing material.  AgileZorbT reacts quickly enough to smoothen and lower the supersonic shock front and was recently shown by the Navy to reduce transmitted blast pressures by 75% to 90%.

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