B.S. Nanoengineering


The B.S. program in NanoEngineering is tailored to provide breadth and flexibility by taking advantage of the strength of basic sciences and other engineering disciplines at UC San Diego. The intention is to graduate nanoengineers who are multidisciplinary and can work in a broad spectrum of industries.

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Jacobs School of Engineering: Department of Nanoengineering
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In addition to classes in humanities and social sciences (48 units), basic sciences and math (60 units), engineering preparation (16 units), and engineering focus (24 units), students must complete 37 units listed below as the nanoengineering core. Students also complete an additional eight units from the list of nanoengineering elective classes.

  • Required: Nanoengineering Core
    • NANO 1- Nanoengineering Seminar
    • NANO 15- Engineering Computation using MATLAB
    • NANO 101- Introduction to Nanoengineering
    • NANO 102- Foundations in Nanoengineering: Chemical Principles
    • NANO 103- Foundations in Nanoengineering: Biochemical principles
    • NANO 104- Foundations in Nanoengineering: Physical Principles
    • NANO 108- Materials Science and Engineering
    • NANO 110- Modeling of Nanoengineering Systems
    • NANO 111- Characterization of Nanoengineering Systems
    • NANO 112- Synthesis and Fabrication of Nanoengineering Systems
    • NANO 120A- Nanoengineering System Design I
    • NANO 120B- Nanoengineering System Design II
  • Electives: Nanoengineering
    • NANO 146- Nanoscale Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy
    • NANO 148- Thermodynamics of Materials
    • NANO 150- Mechanics of Nanomaterials
    • NANO 156- Nanomaterials
    • NANO 158- Phase Transformations and Kinetics
    • NANO 161- Material Selection in Engineering
    • NANO 164- Advanced Micro & Nano Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
    • NANO 168- Electrical, Dielectric, and Magnetic Properties of Engineering Materials
    • NANO 197- Engineering Internship
    • NANO 199- Independent Study for Undergraduates
4-Year Program: 193 units

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