B.S. Chemical Engineering with Nanotechnology Concentration


Nanotechnology is one of three concentration areas for students enrolled in the Chemical Engineering degree program.

Program Type: 
Bachelor - Concentration
College of Engineering: Department of Chemical Engineering

In addition to the general degree requirements for the B.S. in Chemical Engineering (62 lower-level units and 76 upper-level units), the nanotechnology concentration option requires 21 units with four required courses and eight additional units (two courses) from electives.


  • CEE 010: Introduction to Chemical and Environmental Engineering
  • CHE 105: Introduction to Nanoscale Engineering
  • CHE 161: Nanotechnology Processing Laboratory
  • CEE 135: Chemistry of Materials

Technical Elective Options

  • CHE 102: Catalytic Reaction Engineering
  • CHE 131: Electrochemical Engineering
  • ENVE 133: Fundamentals of Air Pollution Engineering
  • ME 114: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
  • MSE 160: Nanostructure Characterization Laboratory
  • MSE 161: Analytical Materials Characterization
4-Year Program: 159 Total Units of which 21 Units for the Nano Concentration

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