WWC PEN: US NanoMetro Mapping

Woodrow Wilson Center Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies NanoMetro Mapping: Identified U.S. States and NanoMetros (Geographic Clusters) (2009)

This project classifies nano-related firms and organizations by industry sectors (below) and ranks U.S. states and metro areas by the total number of locations and industry sectors.

Industry Sectors

  • Electronics
  • Energy and Environmental Applications
  • Imaging and Microscopy
  • Materials
  • Medicine and Health
  • Tools and Instruments
  • Academic and Government Research
  • Organizations

Top NanoMetro Areas (2009) in California and Number of Locations

  • San Francisco: 48
  • San Jose: 46
  • Oakland: 30
  • San Diego: 27
  • Santa Ana: 23
  • Los Angeles: 20
  • Pasadena: 7

Method: States and 3-digit zip codes (Nano Metros) are ranked based on the number of entries. Entries are also associated with one of eight sectors. Names for the 3-digit zip code NanoMetros were determined using the U.S. Postal Service 3-digit Zip Code Prefix Matrix: http://pe.usps.gov/text/dmm300/L002.htm
Maps were created using Mapland software. It provides the ability to create maps of the entire U.S., which indicate the number of companies, universities, government labs, and organizations located in each state by the 3-digit zip code.

Source: Woodrow Wilson Center (2009). NanoMetro Maps. Available at: www.nanotechproject.org/inventories/map