View, Inc.

Company Background

View (formerly Soladigm, Inc.) manufactures View Dynamic Glass, an intelligent glass system for buildings. The company’s energy-efficient Dynamic Glass transitions between clear and tinted on demand, resulting in significant cost savings, environmental benefits, and quality of life enhancements. View is headquartered in Milpitas, California, with high-volume manufacturing facilities in Olive Branch, Mississippi. In 2012, the company has changed its name to View in order to better align with its strategic vision that a clear, uninterrupted view is the catalyst for a fundamental change in how people design and interact with buildings (1). View is based on technology developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and was founded in 2007 (2).

NanoDimension’s CEO, Aymeric Sallin stated after announcing financial assistance to View/Soladigm that  “the Soladigm team has demonstrated they can take a sophisticated nanotechnology from concept to industrial scale at a rapid pace, while delivering on product performance, durability and cost. Our interactions with award winning architectural institutions, leading real estate developers, and commercial builders reinforced our strong conviction in both the product and the company. As a result, has significantly increased its investment in this round of financing, and I look forward to helping guide the company’s exciting future (3).”

Suppliers and Buyers

View Dynamic Glass is well-suited for commercial buildings, homes, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, government facilities, skylights and atria, and hotels and restaurants. The Methodist Olive Branch Hospital in Olive Branch, Mississippi recently had Dynamic Glass installed in their lobby.  The architectural glass automatically transitions between clear and variable tint, providing control over the amount of light and heat entering a building. With View Dynamic Glass, there is no need for window coverings, curtains or shades (4).

Strategic Partnerships

$30 million of View’s financial backing was raised from venture capital firms Khosla Ventures and Sigma Partners.  Soladigm was also awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for $3.5 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2).  In 2012, Reinet Investments and NanoDimension provided Soladgm with $55 million in Series D equity financing, which brought the total equity funding in the company to $125 million.  Other existing investors include DBL Investors, GE, Navitas Capital and The Westly Group (3).  In 2013, Corning led a $60 million funding round for View.  Bringing the total, as of June 2013, to $176.5 million in venture capital and debt as well as a $40 million loan and $4 million grant from the state of Mississippi. Corning and View also announced a strategic development agreement to advance View’s dynamic glass technology (5).

Innovation and Technology

View makes glass for structures that provides higher efficiency and an ability to change lighting level.  The glass uses an absorptive electrochromic technology based on tungsten-oxide. Through a Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), Berkeley Lab scientist Andre Anders worked with Soladigm to characterize both the individual layers of the glass as well as the integrated device comprised of the combined layers. In 2008 Soladigm also licensed a reflective electrochromic technology developed by Berkeley Lab scientist Tom Richardson, which is expected to have higher performance and lower cost than first-generation dynamic windows (2).

The firm claims that in a typical commercial installation, annual HVAC and lighting energy consumption is reduced by 20 percent, while HVAC peak load is reduced by 25 percent (5).


  • Dynamic Glass - High Efficiency Glass (1).


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