Tystar Corporation

Company Background

Tystar is a service- and solutions-oriented electronics and semiconductor equipment supplier specializing in diffusion, oxidation and LPCVD furnace systems as well as related equipment. Tystar has more than 30 years of combined experience developing equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry. Tystar's primary products include TYTAN furnace systems, process control systems, a wide range of additional process equipment and accessories, as well as value-added services (1a).

Located in Torrance, California, Tystar Corporation was formed in 1988 after the acquisition of several product lines from Tylan Corporation, including the TYTAN furnace system for semiconductor device fabrication. Tystar assembled a team of experts in this field, bringing many years of experience to the company.  Tystar has installed more than 1,600 furnace tubes worldwide (1a).

Suppliers and Buyers

Tystar Corporation’s client list includes several universities such as University of California Berkeley, Harvard University, Stanford University, Beijing University, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Tystar has sold furnace tubes to companies including Neophotonics, Siltronics, Merit Sensor, Ratheon, and Rosemount.  Tystar has sold furnace tubes to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and National Research Council Canada (1b).  The expanding market for diffusion and oxidation furnace systems for the photo-voltaic solar cell production, primarily in China and India, provides a substantial market opportunity for Tystar products (1d).

Strategic Partnerships

In 2012, Tystar Corporation signed a technology licensing deal with Nzenic, a South Korean equipment manufacturer. The deal includes transfer of proprietary information on the design, manufacturing, and integration of Tytan 8442, a solar cell doping furnace. Nzenic will capitalize on the technology and market the equipment products exclusively in South Korea (1e).

Innovation and Technology

Tystar products are primarily used in the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor manufacturing and process technology has in recent years successfully penetrated other applications such as solar PV (photovoltaic) cells, MEMS (Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems), optical waveguide communications, opto-electronic devices, photo-voltaic solar cells and nano devices (1d).


Tystar offers a long line of products in the categories of furnace systems, photo-chemical CVD, optical fiber perform CVD, PECVD systems, controllers, data collection system, and instruments. 

  • Tytan Furnace Systems
  • Tystar PVD 1000 Photo-Enhanced CVD Reactor (1c).


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