Sun Innovations

Company Background

Sun Innovations Inc. (SI) is headquartered with an R&D facility in Fremont, CA and it also has branch offices and manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, China (4). The company's mission is to develop advanced solutions based on their proprietary functional nanomaterials for a variety of major commercial applications (1).

Sun Innovations synthesizes and supplies functional nanomaterials for their customer's manufacturing and R&D needs. They are one of the few manufacturers in the world offering dispersions, which offer safety benefits and can reduce manufacturing costs when compared to nanomaterial powders. They also make custom formulations available to match their customers' specifications. In addition to the usability benefits of their dispersions, they provide higher levels of purity than many manufacturers (3).  Sun Innovations was established in 2004 and has six employees (2).

Suppliers and Buyers

Sun Innovations imports small quantities of CNT, Fe, TiO2, Au, Fe, Ag, Ti, Zn, CO, Cu, Ni, Si, Ti, and Al from China in various forms, including powders, dispersions, and colloids.   Some of these materials are sold to universities and research institution in quantities less than 10 gm (2).

Strategic Partnerships

Sun Innovations are mostly a R&D company working for government and industry, and anticipate working with University of California’s in the future (2). Sun Innovations receives support from multiple US agencies, including NSF (National Science Foundation), DOE (Department of Energy), NIH (National Institute of Health) and NASA (1).

Innovation and Technology

Sun Innovations showcased its multi-color emissive projection display technology on "water-clear" emissive screen with unlimited viewing angles at the SID Annual Meeting in Boston  (1).

Sun Innovations’ unique optical nanomaterials will better utilize the full spectrum of solar radiation, resulting in a significantly enhanced photovoltaic energy efficiency and lower solar energy cost (1). Sun Innovations functional nanomaterials can be directly printed or coated onto a product package or label surface to add covert or forensic security that is virtually impossible to counterfeit. BrandAuthenTM offers an extremely high level of security and ease of fast and accurate detection; it can be readily incorporated into existing product packaging processes (1).

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