Small Times: Top Small Tech Hot Spots

Small Times Top 10 Small Tech Hot Spots (2002-2007)

Conducted an annual ranking of the top 10 U.S. states in 'small technology' based on six categories resulting in an overall ranking. The full results were exclusively available in the print editions of the Small Times magazine, but some news articles exist (see below) that give an overview of the ranks.
Years: 2002 or 2003-2006/2007

Analysis: Small Times ranked the states based on a quantitative analysis that measured their strength in six categories, which were then weighted and added for an overall score between 100 and 1. The categories and weightings are: research, industry, venture capital and innovation, 20 percent each; and workforce and costs, 10 percent each.  Small Times magazine determines its rankings based on formulas that use its proprietary research as well as state and federal data (Small Times 2004).


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