Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International


Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) is a global organization comprising suppliers of semiconductor production equipment and the materials that go into making microchips.  SEMI was established in 1970.  SEMI has diversified its interests to products outside of the mainstream semiconductor industry, such as flat panel displays and micro-electromechanical system devices (MEMS) that are made with manufacturing technology similar to the processes of fabricating semiconductors. Within those same lines, in early 2012 SEMI acquired the Plastics Electronics Conference and Exhibition, which included the organizing committee of industry and academic experts that study the field of organic and inorganic large-area electronics. The organizing committee is now part of SEMI's plastic electronics special interest group (1).

The group holds trade exhibitions and industry forums around the world. Its annual SEMICON shows are staged in China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the US. SEMI advocates for industry interests in Washington, DC, and sponsors industry standards efforts, bringing together competing vendors to agree on common specifications for manufacturing hardware, software, and materials (1).

Facilities and Research Initiatives

SEMI facilitates the development and growth of their industries and manufacturing regions by organizing regional trade events (expositions), trade missions, and conferences; by engaging local and national governments and policy makers; through fostering collaboration; by conducting industry research and reporting market data; and by supporting other initiatives that encourage investment, trade, and technology innovation (2a).

SEMI serves the semiconductor industry by providing products, services and events that help their members grow, become more profitable, and address common challenges more effectively and effectively (2b).  The technologies created by SEMI members also are applicable to a number of related industries, such as flat panel display and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) (4).

SEMI supports many regional and special interest groups to facilitate pre-competitive collaboration and advance industry-wide benefits.  SEMI Regional Advisory Boards help guide SEMI services and programs in all major manufacturing regions of the world (2b).

Strategic Partnerships

In 2012, SEMI won a $1,014,631.04 federal contract from the U.S. Air Force Europe, Moron Air Base, Spain, for the construction and repair of a fire station (3).

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