Seashell Technology

Company Background

Seashell Technology LLC was started in 1996 in San Diego, California and is focused on developing nanoscale materials. While the company manufactures several different types of nanomaterials, they specialize in the production of silver nanowires. Their primary product development is with gold and silver, which is applied to medical/biological research (2).

Position in the Nanotechnology Value Chain

Seashell Technology serves as a manufacturer of nanoscale materials for research purposes. Seashell Technology has the capability to manufacture a wide range of multifunctional particles with nanoscale precision for a variety of applications. Ongoing commercialization efforts include the development of a number of nanofabricated specialized coatings with unique functionality (5). The products from Seashell Technology place it in the industry sector of materials and manufactured products. Their products are specifically manufactured for use in electronics. Some products may be also applicable to the environment and others in biological fields.

Suppliers and Buyers

Seashell Technology supplies nanoparticles and nanostructured materials primarily for academic research and development projects and some for industrial processes (5).

Strategic Partnerships

Seashell and reasearchers at North Dakota State University (NDSU) have worked together on a series of projects related to abrasion resistant ultrahydrophobic coatings. In the first phase, researchers developed an ultrahydrophobic coating that can covalently attach to its substrate and provide corrosion prevention for military aircraft. When water hits the coating, water beads into tight spheres that roll off the surface. This key feature results from incorporating surface roughness at the micro- and nanoscale levels. In the second phase they are investigating potential applications for military and commercial use (4). Seashell Technology has ongoing projects with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), divisions of the Department of Defense (DOD), universities, and public institutions (1a).


Seashell Technology’s manufacturing processes can be used to create silver nanorods and nanowires with diameters as thin as 50 nanometers and lengths as great as several hundred microns. In 2008, the Company announced they had scaled production of silver nanorod and nanowires to kilogram quantities. Scaling of production will enable the successful commercial development of unique devices for use in biomedical, thermal, electronic, metrology, environmental and defense applications (5).

In April 2011, Seashell Technology obtained a patent covering the manufacture of silver nanowires for commercial reasons. The synthesis of silver nanowires is specific to Seashell and their reputation for developing high performance materials supports their success in the area (3).

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