Raymor Industries: NanoIntegris

Company Background

NanoIntegris was incorporated in 2007 by founder Mark Hersam based on his research on carbon nanotubes.  NanoIntegris  originally sold metallic, semiconducting single walled nanotubes and moved more in the direction of carbon nanotube separation technology (1a).

In April 2012, NanoIntegris Technologies and Raymor Industries Inc. completed a business combination to integrate a single‐walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) growth company (Raymor) with a carbon nanotube purification and separation company (NanoIntegris). Raymor and NanoIntegris are integrating the carbon nanotube supply chain, lowering the costs of production and developing applications with strategic partners.  The group will initially expand its product mix, scale up its separation process, and develop applications with partners (2a). Raymor Industries' production facility is in Boisbriand, Quebec and their SWCNT production capacity is approaching 1 ton per year at a price point of $10/gram (2a; 5).  Low cost intermediate and high purity grades will be launched this fall. Additionally, NanoIntegrisis continuing to scale up its separation process to launch new semiconducting and conducting inks with significant price reductions.  NanoIntegris recently relocated from Illinois to Silicon Valley to work more closely with customers developing applications with its semiconducting and conducting carbon nanotube inks. Important applications will include: conductive polymer composites, transparent conductors and thin film transistors (2a).

Suppliers and Buyers

NanoIntegris supplies CNTs and graphene to over 200 research universities and R&D companies around the world (3). NanoIntegris has distributors in Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan (1b). Kanto Chemicals, a specialty electronics materials manufacturer, has been one of NanoIntegris' distributors in Japan since 2010 (4). NanoIntegris has also distributed other companies' CNTs that complement their product line. For example, NanoIntegris entered into an agreement with Unidym in 2010 to distribute their HiPco carbon nanotubes (3). 

Strategic Partnerships

NanoIntegris has received grants from the National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research (1a).

Innovation and Technology

NanoIntegris and Raymor Industries both demand very high levels of purity in their carbon nanotubes – with NanoIntegris having uniform metallic CNTs with up to 99% purity (1a).  

Raymor Industries use a novel plasma technology to synthesize single-wall carbon nanotubes. Their process uses a radio-frequency induction plasma torch to generate thermal plasma which directly vaporizes carbon black powder or other carbon source with catalyst particles. A controlled cooling of the carbon vapor, in the presence of metallic catalysts, leads to the growth of highly graphitized single-wall carbon nanotubes.  Raymor’s technology produces only single-walled nanotubes in large quantity with a graphitization level comparable to that of nanotubes grown with high temperature techniques such as laser vaporization and arc discharge. Their graphitization level is superior to that of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques. Furthermore, their current production capacity is more than 500 kg/year and their technology offers lower production costs. Raymor holds exclusive licenses for nanotube production and recovery technologies developed by a National Reseach Council\University of Sherbrooke collaboration and by the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) (2b).


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