Company Background

RASIRC, founded by Jeffrey Spiegelman, is a San Diego-based purification company. With a focus on water vapor, they specialize in developing purifiers and delivering ultra-pure liquids and gases (1a). Their products are most often applied in the semiconductor, microelectronic, solar and nanotechnology industries (1a).

Strategic Partnerships

SemiTorr and Seojin Electron Co., Ltd. are distributors of RASIRC products (1b). In August of 2008, MATHESON acquired a majority share of the company, but it still operates independently (1c). RASIRC is also working with Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies in R&D to enhance the properties of thin film through water vapor (2).

Suppliers and Buyers

Buyers of the company include manufacturers from the semiconductor, solar, nanotechnology, MEMS, medical, pharmaceutical, fuel cell, flat panel, photonics and environmental control industries (1d). Steam purifiers aid these industries in reducing cost, improving quality, and improving safety associated with the processes required to achieve excellence in the field (1d).

Innovation and Technology

In March 2012, RASIRC announced the discovery that uniform thin oxides can be grown using new wet thermal processes (1e). One of the company’s customers conducted an experiment that resulted in a significant improvement in the production of uniform oxides when using a RASIRC steamer as opposed to the traditional process of dry oxidation (1e).


RASIRC’s product line includes a variety of devices used for the production of high-flow, ultra-pure, contaminant-free water vapor including: RASIRC Steamers, the Rainmaker Humidification System, the Rainmaker, and the Wringer Gas Dryer (1f). 


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