Company Background and Structure

QuantumSphere, Incorporated (QSI) manufactures and distributes advanced catalyst materials and metal air battery systems for portable power and clean-energy applications. QSI acquired energy technologies firm Energetics, Inc. in 2008 to advance their research and development of lithium ion batteries and fuel cells, and the company now operates from a single location in Santa Ana, California (2).

QSI supplies a range of high quality, integrated catalytic solutions for customers within the energy storage and chemical sectors who wish to use the advanced nanomaterials in their end-use products. The company also sells zinc-air batteries and zinc-air fuel cells to manufacturers developing back-up power systems for consumer electronics, military, electric vehicles, and large-scale industrial applications (1).

Research & Development

Food Safety: In 2008, QSI awarded a grant to Iowa State University to conduct research in the use of nanomaterials to improve the safety of the world’s food supply. Nanomaterials have potential in many areas outside of QuantumSphere's initial target of energy-related applications and the company is now exploring how its advanced materials can be used to improve the safety of global food production and distribution networks (3).

Fuel Cells: Later in the year, QSI was awarded a grant from the Army Small Business Innovation Research Program to develop a unitized reformed methanol fuel cell. The fuel cell is intended to help soldiers operate portable electronic devices without the noise and heat signatures produced by diesel generators (5). QuantumSphere is also reaching out with research grants to help accelerate the use of nanomaterials to further fuel cell technologies. In 2008, QSI awarded a grant to the University of South Florida (USF) to conduct research in the use of nanomaterials in the advancement of hydrogen storage for fuel cell and transportation applications (6).

Water Purification: In 2009, QSI filed for a U.S. patent on a water purification process that uses certain organic solutions to separate water from salt water or polluted water in an osmotic purification process. The company has constructed a prototype system that can purify several gallons of water a day for demonstration purposes and intends to scale the process with large development partners to serve large-scale municipal drinking supplies. The QuantumSphere process is intended to provide an alternative to thermal desalination and reverse osmosis desalination processes that require more energy than the forward osmosis process it has developed (4).

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