Oracle's headquarters are in Redwood Shores, CA. In January 2010, Oracle completed the acquisition of Sun Microsystems. To produce Oracle’s hardware systems products, they rely on both internal manufacturing operations as well as third party manufacturing partners. The company’s internal manufacturing operations consist primarily of final assembly, test and quality control of enterprise and data center servers and storage systems. For substantially all other manufacturing, Oracle relies on third party manufacturing partners. They distribute most of their hardware systems products either from their facilities or partner facilities. The manufacturing processes are based on standardization of components across product types, centralization of assembly and distribution centers and a “build-to-order” methodology in which products generally are built only after customers have placed firm orders.   Oracle’s hardware manufacturing facilities are IS0 14001 certified.

Global Locations and Number of Employees by Region

  • Americas: 43,968
  • Asia-Pacific: 23,040
    • Hyderabad, India: LEED-NC silver certification
  • Europe, the Middle East, and Africa: 37,561
  • Total: 104,569 (1a)


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