NSF Science and Engineering Indicators: State Data Tool

National Science Foundation (NSF) Science and Engineering Indicators: 2012 State Data Tool

  • As part of the NSF's release of Science and Engineering Indicators 2012, the National Science Board unveiled a State Data Tool that allows users to compare states on several science and technology variables. The tool draws on data contained in the report's Chapter 8 (PDF), dealing with state indicators.
  • The S&E Indicators State Data Tool allows users to interactively explore the 58 indicators presented in Chapter 8 of Science and Engineering Indicators 2012. Users can explore a single indicator in depth, compare multiple indicators for preselected groups, customize indicators, or download the raw data.

The 58 indicators are grouped in the following six categories:

  1. Elementary and secondary education: 15 indicators
  2. Higher education: 16 indicators
  3. Workforce: 7 indicators
  4. Financial R&D inputs: 8 indicators
  5. R&D outputs: 5 indicators
  6. Science & technology in the economy: 7 indicators

Source: NSF (2012). "About the S&E Indicators State Data Tool: 2012."  Available at: http://www.nsf.gov/statistics/seind12/c8/interactive/about.cfm