Company Background

Nanovea is a manufacturer of profilometers, mechanical testers and tribometers at the nano, micro and macro levels. The company specializes in testing capabilities, including scratch adhesion, indentation hardness, wear friction, and 3D non-contact metrology. Nanovea also offers lab services to its clients, specializing in surface roughness, nanoindentation, and wear testing (1a). Their instruments are applicable to a variety of fields including automotive, cosmetics, biotechnology, medical devices, microelectronics and space applications (1a). Their company vision is to “simplify advanced measurement technology to stimulate materials engineering for the common good (1a).”

Strategic Partnerships

Nanovea became a privately held California corporation in 2004 (1a). The company is an affiliate of Microphotonics, Inc (2). Microphotonics Inc is a source of advanced instrumentation for scientific and industrial research (2).

Suppliers and Buyers

Microphotonics, Inc. supplies Nanovea with the advanced instrumentation necessary for their technology (2). Buyers of the company include universities and independent R&D companies.

Innovation and Technology

In 2012, Nanovea released their new "N3" line of equipment including the M3 for hardness testing, the P3 for roughness measurement and T3 for wear testing (1c; 1d).


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