Company Background

Nanosyn Inc. is a contract research organization providing integrated drug discovery services, medicinal chemistry, made-to-order focused compound libraries, hit-to-lead optimization, assay development, screening and profiling services, process chemistry and other solutions to meet their partners' drug discovery needs.  Founded in 1998, Nanosyn is privately held and self-funding (3).

The original intent of Nanosyn creators was to cater to the needs of the biotech research sectors in the need to develop cost-efficient and environmentally-conscientious, nanoscale compounds. With the rapid growth of the company's market share and diversity, Nanosyn evolved into a Chemistry on Demand service provider.  Nanosyn now offers versatile services that are specifically tailored to each client's individual needs. Full utilization of their intellectual resources, proprietary technology, state-of-the-art automation and robotics enables them to provide innovative solutions to advance the process of drug discovery (1a).

PCAS-NANOSYN provides services out of an FDA inspected facility in Santa Rosa, California, housing six (GMP) suites, two of which are certified as Class 10,000 clean rooms.  Nanosyn itself is headquartered in Menlo Park, California with sites in San Diego, California and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina (3). The company’s locations in North Carolina and San Diego are laboratories and were opened in response to customer requests that the firm work nearby (2).

Strategic Partnerships

PCAS is a supplier of complex molecules that Nanosyn uses (3). PCAS, a commercial scale pharmaceutical synthesis and fine and specialty chemical manufactur, and Nanosyn are involvled in a joint-venture agreement to operate PCAS-NANOSYN, LLC, a Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) kilolab in Santa Rosa, Northern California (3).  Nanosyn purchased Seres’ assets, including six cGMP kiloscale labs and an R&D facility, and set about establishing joint operations with PCAS (2).  The joint company, PCAS-NANOSYN, LLC, enables PCAS and Nanosyn to satisfy a broader range of customer needs in the pharmaceutical and biotech marketplaces by offering fully integrated custom chemical services from discovery to commercialization (3).

Nanosyn often works with other companies to make medical and drug discoveries.  Nanosyn and Amphora Discovery Corporation are involved in a multi-year research collaboration whereby Nanosyn will provide chemistry-based services to Amphora Discovery for multiple drug targets. Under the terms of the agreement Amphora will access a wide range of chemistry expertise offered by Nanosyn as well as their proprietary technologies allowing for cost-effective design and synthesis of biologically relevant small molecules. Amphora will own all compounds and their methods of use identified under the agreement.  Nanosyn will receive an upfront fee, research funding, and success milestone payments for novel series identified in the collaboration. Nanosyn has already received success milestones from Amphora for two novel chemical scaffolds (1c).

In 1999, Nanosyn started providing Caliper Technology Corporation with custom combinatorial libraries designed to combine Caliper's microfluidics screening technology with Nanosyn's expertise in miniaturized synthesis and distribution of compound libraries (1e).

Innovation and Technology

Chemistry on Demand is a technological platform based on Nanosyn's patented techniques which include proprietary methodology, know-how, chemical synthesis, software and instrumentation designed to generate characterized compounds. The technology consists of a matrix of highly integrated, but independent components, allowing for maximum flexibility in the synthesis of novel molecules with improved MedChem properties providing customers with compounds when they need them.  Chemistry on Demand offers reduced iterative cycle time, flexibility in synthesis and wide synthesized scale availability (1b).

In 2003 and 2004, two of Nanosyn's patents were issued based upon its state-of-the-art core technology and processes (1a).


  • Kinase, protease, phosphatase and epigenetic assays
  • Medicinal Chemistry - PureQualityTM Compounds (1d).


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