MTI Corporation

Company Background

MTI Corporation, founded in 1994 by a group of material researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley, has become the leading manufacturer of oxide crystals and substrates in the world, thanks to venture capital from Silicon Valley. MTI continues to develop new crystal substrates and maintain high quality of its single crystal substrates. MTI is equipped with the latest state of the art instruments, which allow achievement of the highest standard. They strive continuously to keep pace with customers’ increasing demands on super-smoothness, super-flatness, and super-cleanliness. In 2000, MTI started to manufacture precision bench-top machines for material processing, analysis, and crystal wafer containers (1a).

MTI Corporation has built up a factory in China with 50 sets of crystal growers and more than 100 sets of polishing machines to produce all kinds of oxide single crystal and substrates. The state of art equipment, including cutting, polishing, optical coating, dicing and AFM quality inspection combined with a lower labor cost, enable MTI to provide the best quality single crystal and substrates at the most competitive price.  Besides crystals, MTI has set up several joint ventures in China to produce Precision Machines for crystal and materials processing, and Smart Carrier Materials for handling and carrying fragile and tiny crystal components. Also, they cooperate with several manufacturers in USA and China to provide high purity target and evaporation materials for customer convenience of one stop shopping (2).

Strategic Partnerships

MTI Corporation has worked with and supported many universities.  MTI provides full sets of equipment for material research from mixing, pressing, sintering, cutting, polishing and X-ray analysis and donated two sets of crystal grower ($400,000 worth) to Material science and Engineering Departent of Northeast University, China, where MTI founder Dr. Xiao P. Jiang achieved BS and MS Degree.   MTI donated $100,000 worth full set of lab equipment to Material Science Engineering dept. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where Dr. Xiao. P. Jiang studied as postdoctoral fellow.  In 2012, MTI and KJ group donated S100, 000 lab equipment to Professor Goodenough group in University Taxes at Austin to appreciate their outstanding research on energy storage material and fast ion conductive material (1a).

The KEJING Group (KJ Group) consists of MTI Corporation, Hefei Kejing Materials Tech. Co. Ltd, Shenyang Kejing Auto- Instrument Co., Ltd, and Shenzhen Kejing Star Technology Co Ltd. (1b).

Innovation and Technology

MTI is engaged in manufacturing oxide crystals and substrates. MTI manufactures precision bench-top machines for material processing, analysis, and crystal wafer containers (1a). For more information, see the location page.


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