Milken Institute


A nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank, the Milken Institute believes in the power of capital markets to solve urgent social and economic challenges and improve lives. The Milken Institute’s goal is to build a foundation of independent research and they have assembled a respected team of economists, industry experts and scholars to analyze the issues and choices facing policymakers. The Milken Institute consists of a network of influential decision-makers from the private and public sectors to help transform ideas into action (1a).

Beginning in 1999, the Institute has convened California's most influential leaders to solve the state's most crucial challenges at the State of the State conference (2). The Milken Institute’s California Center is committed to ensuring that their state remains a global leader. The Institute is committed to California's prosperity and hopes effects will reverberate through the entire U.S. economy (1b).

Facilities and Research Initiatives

Milken Institute has a headquarters in California and a Washington, DC office, were they inform crucial policy discussions, from the capital markets to the medical research enterprise (1a).

The California Center produces independent research - and maximizes its impact of their findings by convening influential stakeholders from the worlds of business, finance, policy and philanthropy. Their advanced financing strategies and smart policy approaches that can build a more prosperous future for California.  The California Center focuses on economic growth, job creation, revitalizing struggling regions, infrastructure, investment, innovation and entrepreneurship, human capital and education, housing, fiscal solutions, and renewable energy (1b).

The Milken Institute annually holds events including the Milken Institute Global Conference which is held in California.  At this conference forums discuss issues from economics to science innovations (3).

This year hundreds of California's leading business executives and policymakers gathered for the Milken Institute's first-ever Summit - California.  CEOs, investors, labor leaders, government officials, elected leaders and other experts came together for presentations and discussion of the state's most pressing challenges and opportunities -- specifically, how to fix the state's finances, prepare Californians for tomorrow's economy, expand agricultural innovation, foster renewable energy, improve infrastructure to support trade, and bolster California's aerospace innovation pipeline (2).

Strategic Partnerships

The Milken Institute partners with global leaders in finance, business, government, science and philanthropy (1a).


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