Material Methods

Company Background

Material Methods was founded in Irvine, California in 1998. The company is a producer of separation and energy devices built on nanostructured materials (1a). They are focused on the marriage of technology and markets, bridging their research capabilities with commercial and government markets (1a). They have developed expertise in polymer design and synthesis, carbohydrate polyether and polyepoxides, lithium battery and EDCC organic electrolyte development, device design and testing (1a).

Suppliers and Buyers

Material Methods serves the commercial and governmental industries, though the majority of their revenue comes from government (1a). On the commercial end, their customers include Fortune 100 companies in the power and chemical industries, as well as water equipment manufacturers (1a). Their aim is to increase revenue in the commercial realm, ultimately hoping to reverse their current ratio (1a).

Innovation and Technology

Material Methods has achieved excellence in the development of services for IPP and OEM components (1a). In separation technology, they have developed water-harvesting methods using molecular pumps, water softening techniques, perchlorate removal, biomimetic disinfection, oligonucleotide purification, enanotiometer purification, and biomass conversion (1a). In energy storage, they have achieved excellence in asymmetric electrochemical double layer capacitors as well as organic electrolytes, and lithium battery SEI layer enhancement (1a).


Material Methods produces parallel passage contractors for hydrogen gas purification, carbon electrolytes for electrochemical double layer capacitors, and flow through capacitors for desalting (1a). Specifically, they have created the Flow Through Capacitator, PPC Canister, Porous Carbon Electrodes, Particle Adsorbent Composite, and they also provide R&D services (1b).


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