Company Background

Lumiphore is an early-stage research company that develops proprietary lanthanide technology (1a). The Redwood City, California company develops and markets biological detection reagents (1a). The company plans to leverage their technology to advance pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and development and imaging (1a). Additionally, they aim to apply the technology for clinical uses (1a).

Strategic Partnerships

Lumiphore maintains partnerships with several firms including BioPhor Diagnostics, Cis Bio, Alegeta ASA and Echelon Biosciences (1b; c; d).

Lumiphore's partnership with Cis Bio is related to improving drug discovery and analysis by using Lumiphore's lanthanide fluorescence complexes in Cis Bio assays and (1b). Echelon Biosciences, Inc. partnered with Lumiphore for “novel cancer assays involving phospholipid signaling and lipid-protein interactions” (1c).

In 2008, Lumiphore granted worldwide exclusive rights to BioPhor Diagnostics to Lumi4® technology to apply the products in diagnostic tests for drugs of abuse (1c).

In 2010, Alegeta ASA and Lumiphore signed a global agreement to incorporate Lumiphore’s Lumi4® complexes in Algeta’s targeted radiotherapeutics and companion diagnostics (1d).

Innovation and Technology

Lumiphore is engaged in developing lanthanide technology for fluorescent systems (1e). The benefits of this technology include improved signal-to-noise ratio, long emission lifetimes and resistance to photo bleaching (1e). Lumiphore holds the exclusive rights to University of California patents, which includes the proprietary shell around the lanthanide molecule (1e).

Lumi4® complexes are a new class of fluorescent-metal lanthanide compounds based on technology patented at the University of California, Berkeley and modified by Lumiphore (1d).


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