Company Background

Irilliant, Inc. is a nanosynthesis manufacturing company.  The company’s mission is to commercialize several novel processes of synthesis of nanomaterials, including a Chemical Aerosol-Flow Synthesis (CAFS) that was licensed from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).  Other disruptive methods of synthesis are also being pursued and are patent pending.  Irilliant’s technology focus is to commercialize these proprietary technologies for the efficient and inexpensive production of nanomaterials for next generation thin film photovoltaics, nanomaterials for advanced nanomedicine applications, and nanomaterials for next generation displays (1a).

The company is headquartered in Mountain View, CA and maintains state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in both Mountain View CA, as well as the technology incubator park of UIUC in Champaign, IL.  Manufacturing is also maintained in Champaign, IL (1a).

Strategic Partnerships

Irilliant is the result of a collaboration between Oramic LabsTM, the technology incubator of Oramic, LLC (a Silicon Valley technology innovator) and Dr. Yuri Didenko (the CTO of the company). Irilliant continues to benefit from strong links with the University of Illinois.  Irilliant’s location at the incubator park of UIUC affords the company access to the technical resources and expertise of the Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics and Life Sciences departments (1a).

Innovation and Technology

Irilliant’s technology is based on novel and proprietary technology licensed from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), along with more internally developed IP, Irilliant is commercializing a process for synthesizing nanomaterials (3).  Irilliant’s technology allows for the continuous and efficient production of nearly mono-dispersed colloidal solutions of nanoparticles via the Chemical Aerosol–Flow Synthesis (CAFS) method.  CAFS is the only way to allow the large scale production of good quality nanomaterials necessary for the imminent price-reduction demands of an explosively growing technology sector.  Aerosol-based methods are widely used for the production of highly dispersed metal oxide powders for the pigment industry, deposition of thin films of materials, and in many other applications (1b).

In Irilliant's CAFS process, liquid containing the precursors for the synthesis flows continuously through a sprayer, which in turn generates micron-sized droplets. These droplets serve as microreactors, and facilitate the creation of narrow-size distributed nanoparticles. Spraying large amounts of liquid in the reactor, facilitates manufacture of high-quality, surface-stabilized nanoparticles in large quantities. Ultrasonic or large scale industrial sprayers can be used to further enhance throughput. This configuration permits production of a higher quality product with a greater yield compared to previous methods (2).

The process was recently enhanced and Irilliant added a new patent, "Controlled synthesis of nanoparticles using continuous liquid-flow aerosol method," which will include claims for large-scale production of high-quality nanoparticles from aerosol. Earlier patented processes were not suitable for large-scale production, nor did they result in products of equally high quality (2).


  • Quantum Dots
  • Superparamagnetic Nanomagnets
  • Nanosilver (1c).


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