Company Background

Intematix Corporation develops and manufactures phosphor products for light emitting diode (LED) solid-state lighting technologies. It offers remote phosphor light sources for applications, such as LED retrofit light bulbs, portable consumer lighting, downlights, wall sconces, pendants, chandelier and other decorative applications, appliances, task lighting, high bay, panel lighting, spots and modules, and modular shapes for linear lighting. The company also provides CCFL and LED phosphor products for applications, such as LED TVs (3). Intematix products enable attractive, vivid color quality, superior consistency, uniformity, and stability (4). 

Intematix Corporation was founded in 2000 and is based in Fremont, California (3). Intematix maintains R&D, manufacturing, business and support operations in the United States, Asia and Europe (4).  Intematix is ISO 9001:2008 registered, and they take great pride in meeting environmental and safety regulations while providing products, services, and customer support of the highest quality. With over 250 patents awarded or filed worldwide, they stand firmly on the strength of their ability to innovate and create high quality, energy-efficient solid-state lighting products (1a).

Suppliers and Buyers

Intematix supplies its phosphors to LED and TV makers such as Cree Inc., Samsung and LG Electronics (2).

Strategic Partnerships

Investors in the venture-backed company include Menlo Park-based Draper Fisher Jurvetson, San Francisco-based Crosslink Capital and an unnamed financial investor. Its most recent funding came in March when it raised $16.2 million (2).

Arrow Electronics, Inc. has signed a global distribution agreement with Intematix Corporation to deliver ChromaLit(TM) remote phosphor components for high-quality LED lighting. Remote phosphor is a disruptive trend in LED lighting system design creating opportunity for lighting customers and partners to generate competitive advantage in their markets (3).  Intematix also has distribution partnerships with Digi-Key Corporation and Future Lighting Solutions in the Americas, Europe and Asia (1c).

Intematix Corporation has partnerships with multiple companies including Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Furukawa, WhiteOptics, Light Beam, and Intelligent LED Solutions.  Intematix collaborates and improves the other companies’ products with its proprietary technology (1c).  

Innovation and Technology

Intematix Corporation patented phosphors and phosphor components for high-quality LED lighting covering red nitride phosphor compositions used in LEDs.  Intematix’s U.S. Patent No. 8,274,215, entitled “Nitride-based Red Phosphors” is the 18th U.S. patent issued to Intematix in the area of LED phosphors and the 71st U.S Patent overall.   LED manufacturers worldwide have implemented Intematix’s red nitride product portfolio in order to produce high performance and quality lighting products. These patent claims support those customers and designs. Red phosphor technology plays a fundamental role enabling high quality LED lighting with high color rendering index (CRI). Due to the high thermal stability of Nitride technology in particular, LEDs may operate at higher temperature, power and light output per unit, lowering the costs of lighting. Compared with other phosphors in the red emission region, LED designers can make LEDs with higher light output efficacy and with CRIs as high as 98 when combined with other phosphors offered by Intematix. Red phosphor also extends the color gamut performance of displays like flat-panel TVs (4).

After years of research and development on remote phosphor technology and applications, Intematix commercialized ChromaLit remote phosphor light sources that enable customers to implement phosphor technology in solid optical forms.  ChromaLit components leverage Intematix’s deep intellectual property in the remote phosphor lighting field and extend the benefits of light quality and efficiency to the next generation of light fixtures and light bulbs (1a). 


  • ChromaLit™ portfolio
  • LED phosphors
  • CCFL phosphors (1b).

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