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Company Background

Intel Corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and develops semiconductor memory products and other electronic components (1a). Their focus is on innovation in technology and the advancement of computing. Intel Corporation has been an active company since 1968 and has developed a reputation as a premier technology company (1a). Intel is an electronic component product development company. They develop electronic components to be used in computers, smart phones, and other technology.

Global Manufacturing Locations

Intel has 9 wafer fabs (with two more expected to be online in 2012) and 7 assembly test facilities. At the Assembly and Test operations, finished wafers are sent to an assembly facility where the manufacturing process is completed. The wafer is cut with a diamond saw, separating the microprocessors. Each functioning die is assembled into a package that protects the die. This package delivers critical power and electrical connections when placed directly on a computer circuit board, or other devices such as cell phones or personal digital assistants (PDAs)(1e).

  1. Chandler, AZ  USA
    • 1996: Microprocessors & Chipsets Fab
    • 2007: Microprocessor Fab
    • 2013 projected: Microprocessor Fab (for 14nm and beyond process technology)
  2. Hudson, MA USA: 1998: Chipsets & Other Fab
  3. Hillsboro, OR USA
    • 2001: Microprocessors Development Fab
    • 2003: Microprocessors Development Fab
    • 2013 projected: Microprocessors Development Fab (for 14nm and beyond process technology)
  4. Rio Rancho, MN: USA: 2002: Microprocessor Fab
  5. Santa Clara, CA USA: former facility: 2009: Fab
  6. San Jose, Costa Rica: 1997: Assembly & Test
  7. Leixlip, Ireland: 2004: Microprocessors, Chipsets, & Comm Fab
  8. Makati City (later Cavite), Philippines: 1974-2009: A&T: integrated circuits known as Flash memory, as well as microprocessors and chipsets (5, 6)
  9. Penang, Malaysia: 1977: Assembly & Test
    • Closed two other A&T facilities in 2009 (6)
  10. Kulim, Malaysia:
    • 1996: Assembly & Test
    • 2009: Assembly & Test
  11. Chengdu, China:
    • 2005: Assembly & Test
    • 2007: Assembly & Test
  12. Ho-Chi Min City, Vietnam: 2010: Assembly and Test
  13. Qiryat Gat, Israel: 2008: Microprocessor Fab
  14. Dalian, PR China: 2010: Chipset Fab

Suppliers and Buyers

Suppliers of Intel Corporation are diverse in materials. The company has developed relationships with thousands of suppliers on both short and long-term contracts (1b). Because silicon is a necessary asset to the company’s technology, they have developed long-term contracts with these companies (1b). Intel also has a variety of buyers; they produce computers that are purchased by the average consumer as well as computers designated for business use.

Strategic Partnerships

The Intel Software Partner Program allows independent software companies and individuals access to resources to improve applications running on Intel platforms (1c).

Innovative Technology

The development of a 32 nm chip circuitry has made Intel Corporation stand out significantly in the world of nanotechnology (2). This micro architecture has increased energy efficiency and computing speed to make computers more intelligent, flexible and reliable (3). Intel aspires to create a “common user experience” across technology and asserts that the implementation of their software architecture within electronics can achieve this (3). In July 2012, the 32 nm process was awarded the Most Innovative Logic Process award in TechInsight’s 9th annual Insight Awards (4).

Corporate Responsibility

Intel Corporation is the title sponsor of America’s oldest and most prestigious science competition, the Intel Science Talent Search (5). The Science Talent Search aims to drive innovation and improve science, technology, engineering, and math education (1d). Nearly 1,800 American high school seniors conduct original research projects to be submitted to the Talent Search each year (1d). Prizes for the 40 finalists range from a grand prize of a $100,000 four-year scholarship to thirty $7,500 scholarships (1d).

For more information, see the Intel location page.


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