Company Background

Fluidigm, founded by Stephen Quake and Gajus Worthington in 1999, is a South San Francisco based company (1a). The company specializes in microfluidic-based chips and instrumentation for biological research (1a). Their rubber-based chip creation has revolutionized data analysis, making it more rapid and efficient across genetic markers and DNA samples (1a).

Strategic Partnerships

In 2012, Fluidigm joined the AMDeC vendor partnership program (2). This program creates a relationship between the company and the premiere medical research institutions in New York (2). The partnership gives research students access to the high yield data analysis made possible by Fluidigm (2).

Innovation and Technology

In November 2012, Fluidigm introduced four new fluid circuits to help with production genetics and to support the BioMark HD System (1b). The fluid circuits enable lower costs per sample, high accuracy levels, minimization of sample re-work, high sample throughput for gene expression applications and greater sample target selection (1b).

The San Francisco Chronicle has recognized Fluidigm as being revolutionary for its development of the microfluidic chip and its ability to streamline research efforts (1c).


Fluidigm produces the BioMark HD System, the C1 System. The EP1 System, the Access Array System, DeltaGene Assays, Chips and Kits, SNP type Assays, and Target Specific Primers; all of which are based around integrated fluid circuits (IFCS) (1d).


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