Education & Workforce

Within the United States, California is a leader in educational and workforce development programs. Based on the listing of nanotechnology degree programs provided by Nanowerk, California ranks second in the United States in total degree or certificate granting programs. For information on nano-related programs in California, see the following pages:

Nanotechnology Job Opportunities

Tinytechjobs: based in Alameda, California and launched in 2003, tinytechjobs is a career website devoted to jobs at the convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and information technology. The site lists both academic and industrial positions in a variety of disciplines. The website lists job opportunities both globally and nationally. The following is a direct link to jobs listed in California.

General Training & Education Organizations in California

In addition to the nano-specific programs listed on the aforementioned pages, there are several general education and workforce development organizations listed below.

Name Category Geography Website
California Labor & Workforce Development Agency (LWDA) Government Statewide
California Community Colleges Education & Workforce Development (CCCEWD) Educational Institution Statewide
Clean Tech Institute: Training Provider Educational Institution Statewide


Previously Offered Programs: California

San Jose Evergreen Community College

  • Program Type: Course (3 hours): Introduction to Nanotechnology Applications (2006-07): This course introduced and described current and emerging Nanotechnology  applications and opportunities in various scientific disciplines. This course was intended for students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Education, and  Business programs.
  • Program Type: Training Programs at the Evergreen Institute for Business Performance: the Institute offered nanotechnology training to California businesses as a result of a $300,000 award from the State Chancellor's office of the California Community Colleges.

Previously Offered Programs: National

In the past, the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (DOLETA) offered Community-Based Job Training Grants (CBJTG). These grants were designed to support workforce training for high-growth/high-demand industries through the national system of community and technical colleges. Grants under this program funded projects that provided workers with education/training to prepare them to enter and advance in high-growth and emerging industries. Some of the programs in California were created with funding from this program.