Cnano Technology Limited

Company Background

Cnano Technology Limited is a nanomaterial company that manufactures and develops carbon nanotubes for advanced energy, especially Li-ion battery, conductive plastic and structural applications. With exclusively license of patented technology developed by Tsinghua University, they have extended the technology through their own proprietary innovations for mass production of carbon nanotubes.  Cnano has designed and commissioned a carbon nanotube production line with the world's largest production capacity of 500 tons per year (1a).  Cnano is focused on manufacturing carbon nanotubes and the development of applications associated with the nanotubes (3).

Cnano Technology Limited is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA. Their facility is equipped for volume manufacturing is located in Beijing, China (4).

Strategic Partnerships

Cnano has received $6 million in venture funding. The investment was co-led by CMEA Ventures and Pangaea Ventures, and included WI Harper (3).  Cnano also receives funding from IDG Capital Partners, a Chinese-focused investment firm (1b).

Innovation and Technology

Cnano has launched carbon nanotube based super conductive paste products for lithium ion battery applications.  The super conductive paste is leveraging both physical and electrical properties of carbon nanotubes, and is used as the conductive additive for both Lithium ion battery cathodes and anodes to enhance battery energy and power density, cycle life and safety. This paste product is based on the volume produced carbon nanotubes from Cnano. It replaces the traditional conductive additives for Lithium ion batteries with less loading but greatly improving battery performance, especially for high power applications such as electrical vehicles and power tools. The super conductive paste is pre-dispersed in the selective solvents for better mixing with cathode and anode materials. Cnano has been conducting product qualifications with selective battery customers since 2009, and is in the process to ramp up production capacity to meet customers' demands (2).

Cnano has received regulatory approval from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to sell multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) through its subsidiary in the USA. This approval of consent order places Cnano on the short list of manufacturers approved to supply MWNTs in the United States under the strict nanotechnology regulations of the EPA (1c).


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