Cambrios Technologies

Company Background

Cambrios Technologies is a Sunnyvale, California-based nanotechnology company founded in 2002 (1a). The mission of the company is to use nanostructure inorganic material to create new materials and processes for related industries (1a). The company has since developed transparent electrodes, as well as a coating material that out performs currently used materials. The coating material is currently used in a variety of products that utilize photovoltaics (1a).

Industry Sector and Sub-Sector

Cambrios Technology has a somewhat complex classification in the industry sector. Because the products are eventually used in photovoltaic final products, they are a part of the electronics and energy sector. Since their primary goal is to develop new materials, they are also considered a part of the materials and manufactured products sector.

Position in the Nanotechnology Value Chain

The dedication to working with nanostructure inorganic material places Cambrios in the nanoscale materials sector of the nanotechnology value chain, but more specifically as a company that works with what are considered “other nanomaterials.”

Suppliers and Buyers of the Company

Buyers of Cambrios Technologies Corporation include companies that develop photovoltaic screens and touch screens (1a).

Strategic Partnerships

In November 2010, Cambrios announced a collaboration effort with Plextronics, Inc. to improve materials that are a part of the manufacturing process of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDS) (2). Another partnership formed by Cambrios is with Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc (3). The two companies are collaborating on research to determine how thin films can be applied to flexible copper-indium-gallium-selenium (CIGS) photovoltaics (3). This research will be applied to US Army needs (3). Yet another partnership is that between Cambrios and Hitachi Chemical. This collaboration effort has led to a development in the patterning and deposition options for thin film (4). The new inks are also less expensive (4). In 2011, Cambrios Technologies Corporation announced that the company's ClearOhm silver nanowire coating materials have been combined with Hitachi Chemical's photosensitive film technology to develop a very highly transparent conductive film that can be transferred to various substrates such as glass, polycarbonate and PET film (8).

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