California Industry Surveys

Fast Facts on Nano in California
  • California is home to more than 20% of the U.S.-based micro and nano companies (Kang 2010 based on Small Times 2007)
  • As a leader in the high tech industry, California has an excellent infrastructure in place for development of nanotechnology (Kang 2010)
  • The largest nanotechnology industrial sector in California is the materials industry (Kang 2010)
  • Most companies are relatively small (Kang 2010)

Industry Sectors (Kang 2010)

  • Materials: 69 companies
  • Tools & Instruments: 39 companies
  • Electronics: 37 companies
  • Bio-Health: 37 companies
  • Energy: 15 companies
  • Research Institutes: universities, private research centers, non-profit organizations, government research centers: 29
  • Total (excluding venture capital and consulting companies): 226 companies & institutes

Source: Kang, Hai-Yong (2010). Analysis of the California Nanoindustry Focused on Carbon Nanotubes and TiO2 Nanomaterials. Department of Toxic Substances Control Pollution Prevention and Green Technology.