Calient Networks

Company Background

Calient Technologies is engaged in adaptive photonic switching, using systems that create optimization of optical layers for data centers and software defined networks (1a). They rely on MEMS equipment to create systems at their Santa Barbara, California headquarters (1a). They have had eight successful years of operation and have shipped over 80,000 optical terminations worldwide (1a).

Strategic Partnerships

Calient has made partnerships within the industry for the production of their switches. They work with router, packet switching, optical transport, and service vendors (1b). The company’s key partnerships are with OnPath, MRV, and Freeport Technologies (1b). For scalable connectivity and monitoring solutions applied to high performance networks, Calient has partnered with OnPath (1b). Their partnership with MRV supplies the company with “layer 1 switches for test lab automation” (1b). Finally, Freeport Technologies provides “a wide range of audio visual design, engineering, integration, and installation services” (1b).

Innovation and Technology

Calient’s 3D MEMS photonic switching devices were used by Cornet technology to create the first JITC Certified all-optical switch (1c). This switch creates a “scalable, flexible switched network fabric used for data consolidation, testing and disaster recovery, optical path management, video tele-conferencing, telecommunications, and data center applications” (1c).


Calient’s products include the S Series Photonic Switch, the Fiber Connect, and Photonic Switching Sub Systems (1d). The S Series is ideal for data center, cloud computing, service provider, and government applications due to its low power consumption (1d). The Fiber Connect prevents potential data interpretation and is often used in government agencies for additional security (1d). Photonic Switching Sub Systrems create high port count ROADM due to CDC fiber-optic service provider networks (1d).


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