Beyond Skin Science

Company Background

Beyond Skin Science was started as an international product development firm for cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements in the year 1993. The company launched the first line of anti-aging products in 2004 focusing on NanoChem™ delivery systems for optimum skin penetration that was truly ahead of its time.  The vision of Beyond Skin Science is to provide cutting edge innovation through unique patented delivery systems, new exciting formulation formats and ingredients from all over the world.  The combination of this formulation platform is truly unique and makes these products stand above the competition: Beyond Skin Science has a commitment to provide the consumer with revolutionary performance and innovation that surpasses expectations (1).  The NanoChem™ proprietary technology behind their skin care products uses nanotechnology. The formulations are based on ingredient particles that are 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. At this size, and within Beyond Skin Science's proprietary emulsions, these beneficial components are able to bond with the skin to make it stronger and healthier (2).

Innovation and Technology

NanoChem™ and Liquid Crystal Nano Delivery System (LCNDS) are skin care innovations that have taken advances from nanotechnology and applied them to skincare (2). Both L'Oreal and Estee Lauder have already launched high end mass market products that incorporate the technology, but as the launches on to the cosmetics market proliferate, watchdog and regulation bodies are also becoming increasingly wary (3).


  • Eternalis™ Advanced Skin Care System: a system of products that work together to balance and improve the skin (2).
  • Eternalis™ Anti-Aging System: advanced products that deliver ingredients that nourish, moisturize and heal the skin faster and deeper than traditional skin care products (2).

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