Applied Microstructures

Company Background

Applied Microstructures, of San Jose, California, was established in 2003 and specializes in Molecular Vapor Deposition. They develop the growth of ultra-thin films that serve several functions (1a). Applied Microstructures is in the production equipment sector of the tools, equipment, and machinery stage of the value chain. This is due to their production of tools like the MVD100E system, which regulate deposition of organic and composite surface coatings

Suppliers and Buyers

Buyers of the company include customers who want to use MVD films but are unable to house the systems (1b).

Strategic Partnerships

In February of 2010, Applied Microstructures entered in a partnership with SVTC, the leading provider for commercializing silicon-based technologies (2). The partnership will allow SVTC to benefit from Applied Microstructures’ anti-stiction coatings and process services (2).

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