Applied Materials

Company Background

Applied Materials, established in 1967 in Santa Clara, California, is an information infrastructure company. Their focus is on providing equipment, services, and software that enable advanced semiconductor manufacture (1). The primary venture of the company is to create technology with enables affordable semiconductor production and then advances commerciality and marketability of these products (1a).

Suppliers and Buyers

Applied Materials buyers include companies in the semiconductor, flat panel display, and solar photovoltaics industries. Suppliers include manufacturers of subsystems and parts that strengthen the production of semiconductors (1b).

Strategic Partnerships

Applied Materials has developed strategic partnerships in education, through the Education Initiative (1c). This program aims to develop academic programs to help close achievement gaps, to raise college ready graduate levels, and to work as a model for involvement and leadership (1c). The Initiative was first launched in the San Jose Unified School District and enjoyed success in raising test scores and reading proficiencies (1c).

Innovative Technologies

With the development of its defect inspection scanning electron microscope technology, the Applied SEMVision G5 system, manufacturers can detect imperfections down to 1 nm pixel size (2). Applied Materials’ plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) film technology enhances the stability of metal oxide transistors as well as improving screen performance (3).

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