American Elements

Company Background

American Elements, based out of Los Angeles, California, focuses on material science and its industrial applications (1). American Elements' California location is focused on  marketing and sales with manufacturing in China. Also mentions that the company sells quantum dots and nanoparticles (2).

Position in the Nanotechnology Value Chain

The primary service of American Elements is to manufacture and engineer materials. This makes their most appropriate place in the value chain at the Nanoscale Materials level. American Elements sells carbon nanotubes (SWNT, DWNT, and MWNT) and other nanoparticles. American Elements is directly involved in the materials and manufactured products industry, but its products are used in a broad range of industries, from energy and electronics to green technologies and cosmetics (1a).

Environmental Efforts

American Elements added a division to their Research and Development department to support initiatives in the areas of Green Technology and Alternative Energy (3). The new department focuses on helping customers to understand cutting edge technology in respect to green and alternative energy materials (3).

Strategic Partnerships

American Elements and the Nanometals™ Group developed a spin-off division to focus on the production, sales, and marketing of quantum dots (4). With its ability to produce high-tech quantum dots because of its control of several necessary semiconductor materials, the collaboration is able to produce nanoparticles with peak emission frequencies between approximately 470 and 730 nm wavelengths (4).

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