Advanced Micro Devices

Company Background

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), established in 1969, is involved in developing and designing digital experiences. Their headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California (1a). AMD is a global semiconductor innovator designing Accelerated Processing Units (APUs), microprocessors, embedded microprocessors, chipsets, and graphics, video and multimedia produts and technologies (1a).

Global Locations

AMD has four manufacturing locations in Asia

  1. Suzhou, China
  2. Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
  3. Penang, Malaysia
  4. Singapore (1d).

Position in the Nanotechnology Value Chain

Advanced Micro Devices develops intermediate products.  AMD’s technology includes accelerated processing units (APUs), which not only increase speed in processing but also improve the clarity of digital screens (1b). Furthermore, this technology enables computers to retain more battery power. The company is in the electronics and energy industry.

Buyers and Suppliers

Buyers of AMD’s products include many equipment manufacturers around the world. Their primary partners are companies that develop system architecture, desktop computers, notebooks, and servers. Other buyers are companies that manufacture electronic components (1b). Software manufacturers supply AMD with graphics drivers, processors, and code to enable their APUs.

AMD develops APUs for the consumer and commercial notebook, desktop and embedded markets. Microprocessors for the commercial and consumer markets and embedded microprocessors for commercial, commercial client and consumer markets. Chipset products are targeted for desktop and notebook PCs, embedded systems, professional workstations and servers. And finally, their graphics, video and multimedia products and technologies are designed for desktop and notebook PCs, embedded systems, professional workstations, servers and game consoles (1a).

Strategic Partnerships

AMD has made partnerships with many equipment manufacturers around the world. Partnerships with Acer, Dell, and HP have been established to develop high functioning desktop and laptop computers (1c). Additionally, AMD has developed a competitive Fusion Partner program that works to elevate the success of technologies within the industry (1c). Another collaboration effort is with the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) out of Abu Dhabi, which is working to create a US-headquartered semiconductor manufacturing company (2). This collaboration is called “the Foundry Company”. The new company was developed to serve the demand for independent and advanced foundry production capabilities.

For more information, see the AMD location page.


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