Company Background

Aculon, Inc. commercializes surface and interfacial coatings leveraging nanotechnology discoveries made at Princeton University. The Princeton intellectual property includes two issued patents and seven pending applications, with Aculon as the exclusive worldwide licensee for non-biological applications. Aculon has substantially strengthened its IP position with 15 new inventions beyond the original Princeton discoveries. In total, Aculon owns and licensees a portfolio of 25 exclusive, global patents.  Aculon’s technology enables coatings with characteristics such as adhesion, stain resistance, scratch resistance and economics. Aculon's know-how includes industrial scale processes to efficiently manufacture and apply these novel coatings (1a).  Aculon was founded in 2004 (2).

Suppliers and Buyers

Aculon, Inc. has many business relations with various companies. Aculon created an eyewear treatment application for Hilco Eyewear so that consumers could apply an easily cleaned anti-smudge coating to protect their lenses and enjoy greater acuity (2). Other customers include Oakley and ABCR and Miles Chemical Company is one of their main suppliers (1c).

Strategic Partnerships

Aculon's team brings together seasoned executives from the specialty chemicals industry, professional investors experienced in early-stage technology companies, key scientists from Princeton University, and proven business development professionals (2).

Innovation and Technology

Aculon's technology enables several platforms of high-value commercial opportunities. At present, the Company is focused on three platforms: easy-clean, anti-smudge coatings for eyeglasses and other optical surfaces such as flat panel displays, and stainless steel; coatings that boost adhesion strength to difficult-to-adhere-to surfaces such as glass, certain metals and plastics; and coatings that improve the functionality of electronic devices such as displays, electrolytic capacitors and printed circuit boards  (1a).

Aculon received the Optical Laboratories Association (OLA) 2008 Award of Excellence for the Shield Lens Protection System distributed by Hilco Eyewear that Aculon created (2).

In 2011, Aculon announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had allowed a patent covering its method for utilizing metallic nanoparticles in electric conductive inks.  United States Patent Application No. 61/337,960 discloses an electroconductive ink with metallic nanoparticles. The ink contains an organophosphorus acid that increases adhesion between the deposited metallic layer and the substrate to which the metallic layer is applied. The invention also provides for a process for applying the compositions to substrates such as would be used in making electronic devices (3).

Aculon's technology is based on liquid phase treatments that result in a 2-4 nanometer thick performance modifying treatments that are covalently bound to the substrate.  The technology enables the ability to treat both surfaces and particles to be hydrophobic, oleophobic and functionalized to promote adhesion or other characteristics (1b).


  • Surface Coatings - optical, packaging, stainless steel appliances, and electronics (2).
  • Repellency Treatments
  • Particle Treatments
  • Adhesion Promotion Treatments
  • Hydrophilic Treatments (1b).


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